Titania + Howard // Brooklyn Wedding Photographer // Smack Mellon

Brooklyn is great for so many reasons, right?  One of which is all the amazing people you meet and connections you didn't even know were there.  It's a big city, but also a small town.  Something that my husband and I always talk about.  I love how we walk down the street and run into friends all.the.time.  

I promise this isn't a huge ramble, but I think referrals are pretty special and Titania and Howard were a super special referral in that we have a mutual friend, Adrienne Antonson of State the Label, who I adore and occasionaly work with on her Secret Catalog.  She used to work at the Textile Arts Center, which if you didn't know about you should!  They have great classes, talented teachers and are another wonderful community in NYC.  Anyhow, Titania is an amazing designer so I knew her wedding day would be creative collaborative and it did not disappoint.  The backdrop at Smack Mellon was designed by friend Alexandra Wolkowicz of Cave Collective, Titania's mother and friends played the ceremony music, the invites and programs were a pop-up tetrahedron card designed by the bride's father,  and the bride designed her dress as well as the flower girls' (tell me you aren't in love!).  Not to mention that the catering was from T+H's local favorite Yuji Ramen and the night ended with some all-star Karaoke.  What a wedding!  Congrats, Titania + Howard!


Bethany at Modern Kicks - planner

Okonomi - Yuji Ramen - catering

Titania Inglis - dress designer

Patisserie Tomoko - cake

Kings of Karaoke - karaoke ;) 

Smack Mellon - venue